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I started collecting action figures about 16 years ago. I of course had the normal array of figures you get when you are a kid but I was not collecting then, I was playing with them of course. (I wish I would have been collecting, can you say nearly all the 1977 Star Wars figures, ahhh…) But anyway once I started collecting I was hooked big time. I collected mostly Batman, Star Trek and Star Wars (new figures) but had figures in my collection ranging from Areala to Farscape to Xena to X-Men and just about anything in between.

I collected mainly for my own enjoyment, not to make money or profit. Though in a couple cases I did buy extras of certain ones that I thought might be of greater value in the future. At one time my collection consisted of nearly 3000 figures, vehicles and ships. All of which I had on display in the entire lower section of my house. Then about 6 years ago I had a change of address that has lead to even more address changes including one that has taken me from Kentucky to Los Angeles. In that time I have sold most of my collection. I still have a few things that I collect from time to time but no where near the scale I used to.

Now I mainly do custom action figures. About 8 years ago I did my first customized action figure, a Batman. It was basically a repaint of an existing figure. This was also around the time I got my first computer and realy discovered how big customizing is. Since then I have done over 250 customs, ranging from simple repaints to completely new nonexistent figures. I just completed my biggest work to date, making customized football figures for the entire senior class at Boone County High School, in Boone County, Kentucky. This is the second year in a row I have done this.

This website is dedicated to my customs. I consider them a work of art and take great pride in doing them. I do miss collecting sometimes but I have found customizing to be very rewarding. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Also sign the guestbook at the bottom of the page and tell me what you think. Thanks and hope that you enjoy the site.




I am currently specializing in custom (Mc Farlane) type football figures. I can do any player from any team, Pro, NCAA or High School.  Please feel free to contact me regarding availability and pricing.

The Making of a team...



Boone County High School Seniors

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me.

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2001